In St. Petersburg died theatre Director Malyschitsky

In St. Petersburg died theatre Director MalyschitskyFamous theater Director Vladimir Malyschitsky died today at the 68th year of life after a serious illness. In St.-Petersburg. The last decade and a half, the master headed the staff of the Theatre Vladimir Malyschitskogo.Until his last days he was rehearsing a play by Alexander Ostrovsky "Hot heart", the premiere of which was assigned to the international theatre day - 27 March.Creative mentors Vladimir Malyschitskogo were masters of domestic direction - Yuri Lyubimov and Georgy Tovstonogov. At first he studied at the Higher courses of film directing at the Taganka Theater, the second - in graduate school at the Theatre Institute in moss. rail transport, which became one of the best in town.From 1979 to 1983 the Director in charge of the Youth theater, announcing himself with performances of "the Hundred brothers Bestuzheva" Boris Goller, "Sotnikov" Vasil Bykov, "the day lasts more than" Chingiz Aitmatov. Читать полностью -->

The lead singer of the band `Cream` broke the gates of the new store

The lead singer of the band `Cream` broke the gates of the new storeAt the recent gala opening of one of the new Metropolitan shopping malls charming soloist of the band "Cream" Karina Cox unwittingly the cause of a terrible commotion.Being late to the beginning of the event, the young girl simply did not notice the barrier blocking the entrance to the complex. In the end her gorgeous BMW at full speed simply demolished the entire structure.Around me there arose some incredible kipezh says Karina. - I understand the guards. They are probably thinking that driving is at least some terrorist. Thank God that hasn't opened fire on my car. The first few seconds they were afraid to approach my car, just ran around, something chirping in the radio. Читать полностью -->

The Pope refused to celebrate his birthday with Bush

The Pope refused to celebrate his birthday with BushPresident Bush and his wife Laura suit on Wednesday in the White House gala dinner in honor of birthday of the Pope, but Benedict XVI on the evening will not be present.As reports Associated Press with reference to the head of the personal device of the President's wife Anita McBride, the Pontiff is very rich official program and this evening he will meet with U.S. bishops at the University of Washington. All have been invited to celebrate the 81 anniversary of the Pope and enjoy specially thought out for him Bavarian menu without the chief guest, says the Agency.However, the American President still will be able to speak with the head of the Roman Catholic Church, who will come to America for the first time after his election in 2005. George Bush with his wife April 15, personally greeted the Pontiff at the military base Andrews, the next day near the White house welcoming ceremony will be held, which will be attended from 9 to 12 thousand guests. This event has been prepared since September and should be very bright and ambitious. After zaplanirovany meeting between Bush and the Pope in the oval office.We will remind, the official visit will take place from 15 to 21 April. Читать полностью -->

Princess of Britain employs a simple saleswoman

Princess of Britain employs a simple saleswoman19-year-old British Princess Beatrice, daughter of Andrew Duke of York and granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday arrived at a new job.The fifth in line of succession to the British throne, Beatrice began working as a clerk in the famous Selfridges Department store in London, reports The Sun.The duties of the Princess enters service VIP customers that come to shop at the store. In the next month Beatrice will work nine to five, five days a week. Money for the work she will not receive. It will "work experience" which is supposed to buy all of the members of the Royal family.Visitors to the store were very surprised to see among the employees granddaughter of the Queen. "She was running around with armfuls of clothing. I could not believe my eyes that this Princess," says 39-year-old Janice home.For lunch the first working day of Beatrice, which in the fall began teaching at the University, sold summer dress from Matthew Williamson for $ 1650, jacket from Burberry for $620 jeans and James Jeans for $350.The representative of the store stated, "Beatrice talent. Читать полностью -->

`Beating` Pasha Will turned out to be another PR

`Beating` Pasha Will turned out to be another PROn weekends in the Internet appeared the scandalous video, which is famous resident "Comedy club" Paul Will allegedly beaten brutally by two hooligans.The newspaper "Your day" hastened to announce that the young comedian was the victim "Gopnik" in one of night clubs of Moscow. Company drink alcohol on the table next to Will and his friends allegedly did not like the fact that the resident began to sing songs in the style of rap and released his album, so they waylaid him in the bathroom where he was beaten.However, the authenticity was in doubt since the attackers Will sluggishly resisted, only waving, besides it blows inflicted seemed unnatural, though it looked beaten Pasha is quite realistic.Fans of the resident began his own investigation. The results showed that their experiences were in vain. "Beating" Pasha Will turned out to be nothing more than another of his PR. In fact, the full version of the scandalous video ends with the words: "Hit, it means love" and signed "Pavel Volya. Respect and uvazhuha. Читать полностью -->

Spice Girls gave their last concert (photos, video)

Spice Girls gave their last concert (photos, video)Yesterday in Toronto, the group Spice Girls gave a farewell concert. In this city they decided to finish the tour The Return of The Spice Girls.The tour began on 2 December in Vancouver (Canada). Almost 3 months "peppercorn" toured the US, UK, Germany and Spain, giving in the amount of 47 concerts, but in the middle of the tour said on its reduction. For personal reasons were cancelled concerts in Australia, Africa, Asia and South America.On the official website of the group yesterday appeared a touching letter, where the singer thank his fans and say goodbye to them. "We're out of time, we have reached the end of the road, - quotes the London Sun, the appeal of the Spice Girls. Eyes simultaneously tears and sorrow and joy. Читать полностью -->

Irina Saltykova revealed the truth about his past

Irina Saltykova revealed the truth about his pastIrina Saltykova first tried his hand as an exemplary wife and mother in marriage with Victor Saltykova. But after the divorce, the woman suddenly leaned in singer, and this initiative was very successful.Here only not everyone knows what Irina was worth its popularity. In a recent interview the actress revealed the truth about his past."Before I announced himself, laid all her jewelry. Including a ring with 27 diamonds, which gave Victor. It so happened that I was unable to buy it," says the singer."They say that I helped ex-husband," she continues. - Actually on his first music video "Grey eyes" I spent a tremendous amount from his own pocket. Читать полностью -->

Basque visited a night club Greece

Basque visited a night club GreeceHaving played four performances for an encore, tenor decided to relax a bit. He was immediately invited to a trendy club "Bouzouki" Greek millionaire Agis Kungaloosh.In addition to the popular Greek singers, visitors are entertained by dancers belly. Since Basque is already like five minutes to a bachelor, the tenor could not resist the charms of the Greek seductress and began to dance with a babe right on the table.- Today, we are visiting the famous Russian tenor Nikolai! - presented Baskov guests of the club.Instead of greeting tenor Nicholas went on stage and sang for a local band "Moscow nights". Room together he sang. Source: Basque visited a night club Greece. . Читать полностью -->