Dibrov found my wife `Odnoklassniki`

Dibrov found my wife `Odnoklassniki`The news that Dmitry Dibrov has found their life partner and became a married man in 48 years, has surprised many. However, the history of Dating famous TV host and his wife Alexandra even more awesome.It turns out that Dmitri was no stranger to the girl. Model Alexandra Shevchenko from Rostov-on-don was the daughter of a brother named Dibrova Andriy Shevchenko.The last time Dmitri saw the girl when she was only 12 years old. Of course, then none of what love could not be and speeches.But a year ago the beautiful blonde decided to remind myself. Alexander wrote to the broadcaster a message."One evening I was spending time on the site Odnoklassniki - said Dmitry. And I received a message from a girl who claimed to be my niece. Читать полностью -->

The soloist of the `Cream` will record a duet with R'n'b star

The soloist of the `Cream` will record a duet with R'n'b starKarina Koks - lead singer of the band "Cream" will go to America to record duet with the legendary star R-n-B, soul and jazz - Erica Badu. American star recently visited Moscow, where he presented the first part of her double album "New Amerykah".Erica for me, guru mastermind, diva and just a very bright person, which in principle is not easy to get to a meeting because her otherwise protect from the various interviews and photo shoots, " says Karina Koks - but I once again managed to get to her. And most importantly to convey a single with the song I recorded specially for her. In this track I put all of myself and all my efforts were not in vain. I'm just happy!Erica visited Moscow for the second time, and during her first visit in June of last year - the girls met in person. After their first meeting Karina, inspired by the work of the singer, decided for her to record the song, and the second visit of the stars Karina was ready a single. Читать полностью -->

Daughter Abdulov star in commercials

Daughter Abdulov star in commercialsAs it became known "Your day", the widow of Alexander Abdulov Yulia Miloslavskaya is considering a proposal known company to remove the commercial juice daughter Abdulov - year-old Zhenya.After the death of the legendary wife Yulia Miloslavskaya it's been almost half a year, and its financial situation was not as rosy as before. The famous artist friends as they can help Julia. Earn yourself an actress yet: we need to take care of the baby.Therefore, the proposal with which she was approached by a large grocery concern, the woman did not refuse excess of 50 000 EUR in the family will not, and the way we're getting quite civilized."We agree on the shooting, but there is one "but" - said the lawyer Abdulova Victor. - We don't want to advertise the name of the girl". The lack in advertising texts and press releases combination of "Eugene Abdulov" was the main condition of the widow.Meanwhile, in a known Corporation, where she noticed her daughter Abdulov, comment generous offer refused. "We have no such information," - said the press service of the company. Читать полностью -->

The doctors can't return Pugacheva voice

The doctors can't return Pugacheva voiceThe singer's voice broke. On the eve of the scheduled to the 60th anniversary of the three-hour concert of Alla Borisovna has addressed for the help to doctors.In the last two years Pugacheva sang live more six or seven songs. Most of the songs she was singing under a soundtrack. She said, "I can't now all sing live. This is a great test for my voice. And before the concert I still have a month to remain silent".For this reason, the diva and have minimized their tour last year, for example, she mastered three mini-tour on cities of Russia, and that it had canceled all trips.Singer realized that without the help of experts must do. Читать полностью -->

Frank obscenely outfits of celebrities

Frank obscenely outfits of celebrities Exposure, exposure and transparent outfits - it's the law of modern fashion, which is not considered with feelings. And on the eve of the summer season, when all dream about the sea and the sun,and in the middle of winter. See who succeeded and who not, to comply with the measure.Source: Frank obscenely outfits of celebrities (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

In the leak of information about service Prince Harry suspect ordinary

In the leak of information about service Prince Harry suspect ordinaryThe UK Ministry of defence is investigating the leak of information about the trip Prince Harry in Afghanistan.The command checks to see how the tabloid The Sun got photos of the Prince on a military base in Helmand province, the newspaper The Observer.Under suspicion is a member of the British army, who faces a disciplinary punishment in case of his involvement in the leak will be proved. The soldiers received orders not to disclose the whereabouts of the Prince, so as not to endanger the lives of Harry and his colleagues.The pictures were taken just 10 days after the arrival of the Prince in Afghanistan. Harry got into the lens when filming on a mobile phone camera, as its commander kills a goat for Christmas dinner. The Observer notes that to kill the first goat was offered to the Prince, but he refused.The media, by agreement with the UK Ministry of defence, was obliged not to disseminate information concerning the service of Harry in Afghanistan. The Sun published photos only after the message about the trip Prince appeared on the popular us website the Drudge Report. Previously The Sun, in all likelihood, warned the military command about getting shots.According to The Observer, the first message on the service of Harry in Afghanistan on 7 January) published a small Australian newspaper, which claimed that she knew nothing about the agreement of the British Ministry of defense with the press. Читать полностью -->

Jean-Paul Belmondo returns to the screens

Jean-Paul Belmondo returns to the screensIt was filmed 6 years after he had a stroke. Now he starred in the title role in the film "Man and his dog", the shooting was completed in France.The last major plan Belmondo filmed March 20, to the applause of the whole crew.The actor plays a pensioner who was kicked out of the house. It left everyone except the dog. In an interview with the magazine "Paris match" Belmondo said that although she starred in nearly one hundred films and has played 40 theatrical roles, during the last shoot was as happy as ever. This film is not similar to what he did earlier, ITAR TASS reported. Source: Jean-Paul Belmondo returns to the screens. Читать полностью -->

Mylene Farmer will star in the film `the Shadow of others`

Mylene Farmer will star in the film `the Shadow of others`French singer Mylene Farmer has confirmed that she intends to return to filmmaking after a 14 year hiatus.After the Farmer announced his triumphant return to the big stage, it became known that the singer at the same time preparing to shoot his first film in 14 years. Mylene Farmer will fulfill one of the leading roles in the movie "Shadow of others", which will be the screen adaptation of the novel writer and screenwriter Nathalie Rheims.Farmer said in an interview with French publication Paris Match that the idea of the film is its very impressed, and the singer gladly accepted the offer to participate in the project. The film's producer Claude Berri invited Mylene to your project in 2006, and recently the French pop star has signed a contract. As a producer will also perform Luc Besson.The last film with the participation of Farmer "Citadel" was released in 1994.The shooting of the film "Shadow of the other" planned for late 2009, when a Farmer completes its world tour in support of their new album. In September in France, the singer will give his first concert in two years, on his birthday - September 12, Source: Mylene Farmer will star in the film "Shadow of others"". . Читать полностью -->

Explicit scenes Dasha Bukina

Explicit scenes Dasha Bukina Actress Natalia Bochkareva, performing the role of Dasha Bukina in the popular TV series "Happy together", began his career with explicit scenes.Two years ago, when the future star was not famous, red-haired actress has appeared in the series "Rope of sand" where he was not ashamed to stand naked.However, writes "Your day", many viewers of the TV channel TVC, which came out in the series, there could be no doubt that Natasha is really so young, then she was only 25. The owner of this body could be a woman of forty, the newspaper said.Meanwhile, no matter what, Natalia for the second season in a row with great success outrageous Dasha Bukina. Despite two pregnancies (in February Bochkarev gave birth to her second child), the management does not even think to look for her replacement. Source: Explicit scenes Dasha Bukina (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Jodie foster broke up with his lover

Jodie foster broke up with his loverHollywood actress jodie foster broke up with his lover, producer Sidney Bernard, for 14 years, bound lesbian relationship, reports the Daily Mail.An informed source said: "the Separation of jodie and Sidney shocking. They were together for so many years, they have two children. The legal consequences will be very serious.". . . . Читать полностью -->