Chekhov uses the services of plastic surgeons

Chekhov uses the services of plastic surgeonsAnfisa Chekhov - the winner of one of the most "outstanding" busts in Russian show business.The theme that her chest is too great to be real, was raised in the press, and on the celebration of the birth of the presenter and everyone was talking about its forms. But Chekhova still managed to prove that the object of dreams of the male population of Russia is a gift of nature, not the efforts of plastic surgeons.But, apparently, the surgery - constant companion sexy TV presenter. This time Anfisa Chekhov became the face of the advertising campaign in one of the clinics of plastic surgery. Under her picture emblazoned inscription: a non-surgical facelift."No, I lift myself do, I still kind of early," says Anfisa.As it turned out, she didn't even know that her face will become an example of successful correction. But Chekhov never hid that loves himself and cares about their appearance. Therefore, she constantly uses the services of this clinic."Oh, I make thousands of different procedures. Читать полностью -->

Vera Brezhnev would hide a pregnancy

Vera Brezhnev would hide a pregnancyThe former soloist of group "VIA Gra" Vera Brezhnev all five years of work in the team were also engaged in raising her daughter Sonia. To stop the star mom is not going to.Plans to expand the family's Faith has ambitious: it plans to give birth to two more children and thus become a mother of many."Want to give birth to two more", - confessed the singer in response to a direct question.When this happens, now does not even know the Faith itself. After retiring from "VIA gra" she changed profession and became a TV presenter, so employment is not diminished. Besides Brezhnev not an advocate of open lifestyle and is not going to share personal information with the press."No, in any case," she says in an interview with "MK-Boulevard". And about the pregnancy if they find out, only having caught me with a huge belly. And so - this is just my personal territory".However, keep your personal life private cannot almost none of the celebrities. Читать полностью -->

Mack ordered the guards to beat the journalist

Mack ordered the guards to beat the journalistFifteen minutes before the arrival of the now popular singer Maksim in Nizhny Novgorod circus lined the perimeter. Finally, because of the angle taxied beige jeep, Nissan and pulled up at the service entrance.In the back seat, we saw the idol of thousands of teenagers, the singer Maksim. Photographer of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" prepared to make a frame: as usual, took out the camera, aim and began to wait, when the artist will come out of the car...- Get a camera, " yelled one of the security guards of the singer and rushed toward us, his hands clenched into fists. "I'll break your camera!Since nothing illegal in our actions, we asked the security guard to explain the situation, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".Street near the circus - nerezonny object, so we have every right here to shoot, " said we. - We photograph Maksim in a public place and not at the beauty salon with a massage and not even in the restaurant. What have you got against?Instead of answering, the guard ripped off the neck of our Novel expensive camera, and then punched him in the chest.- I not speak your native language? - hissed through clenched teeth "the terminator".To help him immediately tightened a few more guards. Читать полностью -->

Most sympathetic Hollywood stars

Most sympathetic Hollywood starsIf you need another reason to love johnny Depp, you know, from works wonders.When the star of the movie "Sweeney Todd" heard that his 17-year-old fan of Sophie Wilkinson went into a coma after a car accident, he just couldn't help her.After a desperate request of the girl's father johnny sent her family a recorded message, which he did voice his character, captain Jack Sparrow. Hearing the voice, idol, Junior Sophie started to move his right leg. Prior to that, she had been in a coma for 5 months.Depp is not the only star willing to help. Newspaper the Sun published a list of the kindest celebrities, capable of generous acts.Another heartbreaking story out of the coma happened with singer Geri Halliwell. Singing Spice Girls soloist awakened 14-year-old Jessica knight stroke. "Geri sang a couple of lines from one of their songs and Jessica started to move his arms and legs," the source said. Читать полностью -->

Drama `Twenty-one` predict leadership in the rental USA

Drama `Twenty-one` predict leadership in the rental USAAccording to experts, the leader of the North American rental this week will be drama "Twenty-one" with 26-year-old British actor Jim Sturgess in the lead role.The actor gained fame after last year's Sony musical "Across the universe", as well as through participation in the ribbon "is Still one of a kind Boleyn". In the film "Twenty-one" partners Sturgess steel Kevin spacey, Laurence fishburn and Kate Bosworth, writes The Los Angeles Times.Analysts believe that in the first weekend tape can count at least 20 million dollars. "Twenty-one" to fight in the car with a parody of Weinstein Co. "Superhero movie". Among other Prime tape Paramount Pictures 'War of coercion", which is unlikely to attract the attention of the audience because raised the topic of the war in Iraq.The film "Twenty-one" is an adaptation of the bestselling Ben Mezrich "hitting the casino. How to hit the jackpot: the Real story of six students, who beat Las Vegas for millions of dollars". Читать полностью -->

Director Solovyov is broken-down

Director Solovyov is broken-downAs told Openwork Anastasia Kuryokhin, Solovyov was bad last night when he was going to fly from Pulkovo to Ekaterinburg. The film was in pre-stroke condition.At the airport he was given first aid, then friends in a car attempted to drive Soloviev at the Military medical hospital, but there the Director was not accepted. Several hours later, Sergei Soloviev determined at the Military Medical Academy.Under the leadership of Solovyov created such films as: "ACCA", "Black rose - an emblem of sorrow, red rose - emblem of love", "the House under the starry sky". Source: Director Solovyov is broken-down. . . Читать полностью -->

Hitler's dream of an ideal city of the Reich took the form of

Hitler's dream of an ideal city of the Reich took the form ofAdolf Hitler called "Germany" (Germania) the vision of Berlin as a city filled with pompous marble architecture, as the capital of the world, subject to the Nazis."Berlin can be compared only with the cities of Ancient Egypt, Babylon and Rome," said the Nazi leader. That compared to London or Paris?". . . . . Читать полностью -->

The feet of Ashton Cartera `adorn` ear

The feet of Ashton Cartera `adorn` ear Ashton Kutcher on one of the shows in the UK, where he arrived to promote the film "what happens in Vegas" in proof of his words, that he had between two fingers on his leg, the ear, took off his shoes and socks and showed her legs.Sensitive please do not watch, and then suddenly disappointed. By the way, Kutcher was already shown its anatomical individuality on one of the shows of MTV. Source: the feet of Ashton Kartcher adorn the ear (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->