Spice Girls gave their last concert (photos, video)

Spice Girls gave their last concert (photos, video)Yesterday in Toronto, the group Spice Girls gave a farewell concert. In this city they decided to finish the tour The Return of The Spice Girls.The tour began on 2 December in Vancouver (Canada). Almost 3 months "peppercorn" toured the US, UK, Germany and Spain, giving in the amount of 47 concerts, but in the middle of the tour said on its reduction. For personal reasons were cancelled concerts in Australia, Africa, Asia and South America.On the official website of the group yesterday appeared a touching letter, where the singer thank his fans and say goodbye to them. "We're out of time, we have reached the end of the road, - quotes the London Sun, the appeal of the Spice Girls. Eyes simultaneously tears and sorrow and joy. Читать полностью -->

Irina Saltykova revealed the truth about his past

Irina Saltykova revealed the truth about his pastIrina Saltykova first tried his hand as an exemplary wife and mother in marriage with Victor Saltykova. But after the divorce, the woman suddenly leaned in singer, and this initiative was very successful.Here only not everyone knows what Irina was worth its popularity. In a recent interview the actress revealed the truth about his past."Before I announced himself, laid all her jewelry. Including a ring with 27 diamonds, which gave Victor. It so happened that I was unable to buy it," says the singer."They say that I helped ex-husband," she continues. - Actually on his first music video "Grey eyes" I spent a tremendous amount from his own pocket. Читать полностью -->

Basque visited a night club Greece

Basque visited a night club GreeceHaving played four performances for an encore, tenor decided to relax a bit. He was immediately invited to a trendy club "Bouzouki" Greek millionaire Agis Kungaloosh.In addition to the popular Greek singers, visitors are entertained by dancers belly. Since Basque is already like five minutes to a bachelor, the tenor could not resist the charms of the Greek seductress and began to dance with a babe right on the table.- Today, we are visiting the famous Russian tenor Nikolai! - presented Baskov guests of the club.Instead of greeting tenor Nicholas went on stage and sang for a local band "Moscow nights". Room together he sang. Source: Basque visited a night club Greece. . Читать полностью -->

Daria Dontsova insulted, pointing to the age

Daria Dontsova insulted, pointing to the ageAuthor ironic detectives Darya Dontsova has trouble associated with the age of the writer.Dontsova invited to participate in the new show "50 blondes", which makes the company W Media ("Who wants to be a millionaire" and "Weakest link, "people's artist") for the TV channel "Russia". The writer very long time to persuade, and finally persuaded. It was approved and the channel, and producer of the company Sergey Cordo.As this long-running show and time consuming, Dontsova has revised its schedule, cancelled broadcasts on the radio and even moved the deadline of the new manuscript.But exactly one day before the shooting Dontsova called and said she was to participate in the show will not be, as passed by age."I'm always happy to take part in all projects, because I use every opportunity to meet with their readers. It offensive me W Media put me in a bad position, forcing lots of plans to change? Of course, no. I do not suffer from lack of media attention and television. I have no complaints about the TV channel "Russia", for which my suspension from filming was no less a shock," said Day.Roux writer.According to the concept of the program, it involves 50 blondes, who have been given the chance to prove their worth among the brown-haired, brunette and men across the world. Читать полностью -->

Avril Lavigne caught for erotic massage

Avril Lavigne caught for erotic massage Once the so-called "yard" girl, Avril has changed significantly, marrying. But, even despite the fact that many of her fans are accustomed to the old way, interest in the singer has not disappeared.Some even just making up rumors about her pregnancy. Probably because of the lack of information about family life singer...Avril confidently appealed these rumors and said that if she really gets pregnant, we'll tell you about it herself ...However, some of the personal life of beauty still leaked...Spouses caught in the lap of nature whether for a session of erotic massage ...Whether tantric sex...Husband of Avril, Derek Whibley, first made characteristic passes around the chest of his lover, and then quietly moved to other parts of the body...Starting with the waist and ending with a loin...About how the events unfolded further, the press is silent. Source: Avril Lavigne caught for erotic massage (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Prince William has landed a helicopter in the garden of his girlfriend

Prince William has landed a helicopter in the garden of his girlfriendPrince William has landed a helicopter of the British Royal armed forces in the garden of the family of his girlfriend Kate Middleton.As reported by News of the World, 25-year-old William - second in line to the British throne - April 3, asked on landing at Middleton parents, explaining that in this area there are no available seats.Experts told the publication that the landing was "ridiculous and unacceptable". At the same time, the British defense Ministry reported that two hour flight of Prince William within four months of service of the Prince in the Royal army has been completely sanctioned. In the defense Ministry noted that the helicopters constantly requesting permission to land from the owners of the land. Source: Prince William has landed a helicopter in the garden of his girlfriend. . . Читать полностью -->

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