Died Creator of the drug LSD albert Hofmann

Died Creator of the drug LSD albert HofmannSwiss scientist albert Hofmann, known worldwide as the Creator of the drug LSD, on Tuesday at the age of 102 years, died at his home in Basel.The reason for the scientist's death was a heart attack.Albert Hofmann was born in Baden and studied chemistry at the University of Zurich, - subsalt RIA Novosti. His main interest was the chemistry of plants and animals, and he later conducted important studies related to the chemical structure common to all animal substance chitin, for this work he received his doctorate.Most known for his discovery of the synthesis of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is a drug that causes hallucinations and emotional disorders, as well as distorting the perception of time and space, Hoffman did in 1938, but then the scientist did not know about its hallucinogenic properties. Then he worked in the laboratory of the pharmaceutical company Sandoz over the creation of new medicines and conducted experiments with ergot, a fungus, a parasite on rye. He wanted to create a new means of stimulating the activity of the heart, and opened a drug that changed the culture of the USA in the 60-70-ies.After 5 years, 16 April 1943, repeating the synthesis of the forgotten substance, Hofmann discovered the psychedelic effects of LSD after a drop of acid accidentally dropped him on the tip of your finger. Three days later, on April 19, he deliberately took 250 micrograms (a 0.00025 grams) and experienced a more intense effect.Fearing that he was sick, he went home from the lab on the bike. During the trip he felt the effects of LSD, making this day the date of the world's first "acid trip". Читать полностью -->

Dubtsova returned to her husband

Dubtsova returned to her husbandShe parted a few months ago, Irina Dubtsova and Roman Chernitsyn found the strength not just to meet, but have a good time at the birthday party of their son.Holiday little Artem parents noted in an apartment where there were once happy together. Two-year-old toddler was in seventh heaven, having received a lot of gifts. But most of all the boy, apparently, liked what he finally saw mom and dad do not individually, but simultaneously.The topic for years intelligent guy, with his already formed habits and preferences, - told "Life" Irina. For example, he knows all brands of cars, so, basically, it was handed over toy cars. But the most unusual gift that is received Artem became dwarf Spitz named Gucci. However, the relationship red Pinki and blond boy at once went wrong.- I gave the 55 birthday balloons, and Artem reason bound them to Gucci - laughing Ira. Читать полностью -->

German pilot shot down a plane of Antoine de Saint-Exupery

German pilot shot down a plane of Antoine de Saint-ExuperyA former Luftwaffe pilot 88-year-old Horst Rippert (Horst Rippert) admitted that more than 60 years ago it was he who shot down the plane of Antoine de Saint-exupГ©ry, the website of the magazine "Around the world" referring to Le Figaro.Pilot and writer, author of the world famous "the Little Prince", the last two years of his life consisted of a squadron of scouts, who flew to the U.S. aircraft "lightning P-38". He managed to make a dangerous flight over the German positions, and a month before the death - June 29, 1944, he produced a valuable survey of the enemy's rear. July 31, Saint-exupГ©ry returned from a mission. In 1998, fishermen from Marseille managed to find a chain that belonged to the pilot, and in 2004 a diver Luc Vanrell (Luc Vanrell) found the wreckage of his plane.Now Luc Vanrell and Lino von Gartzen (Lino von Gartzen), founder of the society for the investigation of aircraft lost during the war, found the culprit of the tragedy and restored an event picture. Two weeks before the allied landing in Provence, on July 31, Horst Rippert returned to base on the Mediterranean sea and noticed about 3 kilometers on a lightning P-38", flying in the direction of Marseille. Читать полностью -->

Dibrov found my wife `Odnoklassniki`

Dibrov found my wife `Odnoklassniki`The news that Dmitry Dibrov has found their life partner and became a married man in 48 years, has surprised many. However, the history of Dating famous TV host and his wife Alexandra even more awesome.It turns out that Dmitri was no stranger to the girl. Model Alexandra Shevchenko from Rostov-on-don was the daughter of a brother named Dibrova Andriy Shevchenko.The last time Dmitri saw the girl when she was only 12 years old. Of course, then none of what love could not be and speeches.But a year ago the beautiful blonde decided to remind myself. Alexander wrote to the broadcaster a message."One evening I was spending time on the site Odnoklassniki - said Dmitry. And I received a message from a girl who claimed to be my niece. Читать полностью -->

The soloist of the `Cream` will record a duet with R'n'b star

The soloist of the `Cream` will record a duet with R'n'b starKarina Koks - lead singer of the band "Cream" will go to America to record duet with the legendary star R-n-B, soul and jazz - Erica Badu. American star recently visited Moscow, where he presented the first part of her double album "New Amerykah".Erica for me, guru mastermind, diva and just a very bright person, which in principle is not easy to get to a meeting because her otherwise protect from the various interviews and photo shoots, " says Karina Koks - but I once again managed to get to her. And most importantly to convey a single with the song I recorded specially for her. In this track I put all of myself and all my efforts were not in vain. I'm just happy!Erica visited Moscow for the second time, and during her first visit in June of last year - the girls met in person. After their first meeting Karina, inspired by the work of the singer, decided for her to record the song, and the second visit of the stars Karina was ready a single. Читать полностью -->

Daughter Abdulov star in commercials

Daughter Abdulov star in commercialsAs it became known "Your day", the widow of Alexander Abdulov Yulia Miloslavskaya is considering a proposal known company to remove the commercial juice daughter Abdulov - year-old Zhenya.After the death of the legendary wife Yulia Miloslavskaya it's been almost half a year, and its financial situation was not as rosy as before. The famous artist friends as they can help Julia. Earn yourself an actress yet: we need to take care of the baby.Therefore, the proposal with which she was approached by a large grocery concern, the woman did not refuse excess of 50 000 EUR in the family will not, and the way we're getting quite civilized."We agree on the shooting, but there is one "but" - said the lawyer Abdulova Victor. - We don't want to advertise the name of the girl". The lack in advertising texts and press releases combination of "Eugene Abdulov" was the main condition of the widow.Meanwhile, in a known Corporation, where she noticed her daughter Abdulov, comment generous offer refused. "We have no such information," - said the press service of the company. Читать полностью -->

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