George Soros will not invest more money in Russia

George Soros will not invest more money in RussiaThe famous American financier and philanthropist George Soros is not going to invest more money in Russia, as "badly burned" on investments in our country. But he believes the new government and a new investment climate.However he said he would have welcomed the improvement of the investment climate in Russia under the new government, which is soon to be formed."With regard to investment in Russia, definitely not," said George.Soros. "I really got burned badly because of the lack of the rule of law and arbitrary decisions of the authorities," he explained. If under the new government, the business climate has changed, "it would be very helpful," added the famous investor.J. Soros organized a teleconference for reporters to present his new book, which he has already made publicly accessible through the Internet. The work entitled "the New paradigm for financial markets: the credit crisis of 2008 and what it means.". Читать полностью -->

Gisele Bundchen has bared buttocks

Gisele Bundchen has bared buttocks Gisele Bundchen - girl is not greedy. She is always ready to demonstrate their charms, and that was done during a fashion shoot that took place in Malibu.Supermodel without false modesty, posing in stylish denim shorts, almost completely exposing the buttocks.Shooting was conducted by the famous Mario Testino, famous for his photographs of Princess Diana, demi Moore, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, and along with many other Hollywood stars...For sure and candid shots of Giselle will take its rightful place in the portfolio of the master.Well, and that the shooting was a success, on the "fifth point" model fussed almost a dozen make-up artists, designers and assistants.The lovely form of Bundchen during the photo session was closely watched, but extremely professional, attention.As for the 27-year-old beauty, she is now enjoying a romance with the athlete Tom Brady.In March, the pair was vacationing in Costa Rica, then went to Paris and finally. looked to Ibiza, where Giselle had planned the shooting in the advertising campaign of the new collection of sunglasses Vogue...Now Giselle is the "face" more than 20 most famous fashion brands. Source: Gisele Bundchen has bared buttocks (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Jennifer Lopez delighted children

Jennifer Lopez delighted childrenJennifer Lopez after the birth of twins max and Emme during the month, managed to get rid of excess kilograms and started to go out.During a recent large-scale social events star shone in splendid dress, emphasizing the beauty of her body. Lopez, as usual, was accompanied by her husband mark Anthony, and together they showed a picture of an ideal family. Especially told Jennifer about their children remaining at home."They miss us!" - told reporters Marc Anthony. And Jennifer added that kids are "fantastic".Lopez was in an excellent mood. According to witnesses, it all just glowed with the pleasure of speaking with pals Tom cruise and Katie Holmes and David and Victoria Beckham."Lit up" at the party, and Scarlett Johansson. Rather, gleamed a ring with diamonds on her finger. Читать полностью -->

In Omsk will put a monument to Kolchak

In Omsk will put a monument to KolchakOn Irtysh quay in Omsk will be a monument to Admiral Alexander Kolchak. On the basis of open competition conducted by the provincial Ministry of culture, selected the project of the Moscow architect Michael Nogina.About it reports "Interfax" with reference to the press service of the government of the Omsk region.The monument will be made in the form of bronze figures of Kolchak, standing at the rail of the bridge of the destroyer. The monument will be placed on the ground, lined with a polished gray granite, which will symbolize the water of the Baltic sea, where he served as Admiral.Omsk became the main rate of Kolchak in 1918, when the Admiral was proclaimed Supreme ruler of Russia. Getting power on the territory of Siberia, the Urals and the Far East, Kolchak had a successful offensive against the Bolsheviks, but in the middle of 1919 began to suffer defeat at the front. By the end of the year the troops of Kolchak were defeated by the red army. In February 1920, the Admiral was shot by order of the Irkutsk military revolutionary Committee.Kolchak went down in history not only as one of the leaders of the White movement, but also as a prominent polar Explorer. Читать полностью -->

Nicole Kidman fell asleep at the concert of her husband

Nicole Kidman fell asleep at the concert of her husband Recently the paparazzi in Australia witnessed how difficult Nicole takes a pregnancy is a poor actress almost fell asleep at the concert loved husband, father of their future child of Keith urban.On a private jet a couple arrived in the resort town of Byron Bay. Nicole looks obviously pregnant. The family intends to combine business with pleasure. Nicole should have a rest, and urban was going to give a small concerti.At the time, how excited the audience who came to the concert in New South Wales , rushed to the scene to be closer to his idol, the winner of the award "Grammy" Keith urban, Nicole was sitting in his place in the hall, honestly carrying a watch and paying tribute to her husband.But the actress apparently so tired from their schedule "rest" that are unable to hide it. Photographers several times captured her yawning with absolutely absent look.Immediately after the concert, the actress and her husband went to the airport. There when boarding the plane Nicole, she is not wanting, demonstrated the ubiquitous paparazzi white lace underwear. Читать полностью -->

In London has named a new Pushkin

In London has named a new Pushkin5-10 June in London will host the 6th annual international festival of Russian poetry and culture "Pushkin in Britain".In the framework of the festival on the birthday of Alexander Pushkin, June 6, on the square, Covent garden special screens will broadcast the English translations of Russian poetry.The next day will be the main events of the festival - the 6th international tournament of poets of the Russian Diaspora and the 2nd tournament of short stories in Russian, which will compete against 28 competitors from 14 countries. By the beginning of the festival will release a book of poetry and prose finalists with translations into English.The London public and the jury from Moscow will choose from among them the King of the poets and the king of the prose of the Russian Diaspora, which will be awarded bronze statues of Pushkin by sculptor climate Stepanova and monetary awards.In addition, the organizers promise the tournament skits and improvisations during the trip on the boat through the Thames, marks RIA "Novosti".The festival will also present a new project "Pushkin in Britain, Shakespeare in Moscow: two alleys of the great poets", will host an international round table "Pushkin and England", will be showing an exhibition from the State Museum of A. S. Pushkin "Pushkin and Western Europe, there will be a screening of the film-lecture, "the captain's daughter" directed by Yury Other (1928). Source: London has named a new Pushkin. . Читать полностью -->

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