Official website Bilan affected by the virus

Official website Bilan affected by the virusOfficial website of Dima Bilan affected by the virus. As reported by senior virus analyst at Kaspersky Lab" Alexander Gostev, the site was hacked and now distributes "Trojan".When in the course home page is forwarded to the Chinese website, where a computer user installs the virus. Criminals gain access to personal data of users, including login and password. In addition, computers are becoming part of a zombie network and participate in spamming. Source: Official website Bilan affected by the virus. . Читать полностью -->

Kate Rednikova marries a Hollywood star

Kate Rednikova marries a Hollywood star35-year-old actress Catherine Rednikova seems to have found happiness. She is going to marry a famous Hollywood Russian producer Sergey Konov. Rednikova became famous in the late 90s, when he played his best role in the movie "Thief".For in her 98th year, she was awarded the statuette "nick". Then appeared more in the gossip columns than the screen, and to the West to visit more often, than in Russia. A bright, talented girl was thought to have an affair with Vladimir Mashkov, a partner on the film, which glorified her, and with Alexander Kalyagin, head of the theatre "Et setera", where she played. But only once, three years ago, at the party for the "Oscar", she appeared with a young man who was introduced as the groom. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears dropped 9 pounds in a month (photos in bikini)

Britney Spears dropped 9 pounds in a month (photos in bikini)Britney Spears now lead a righteous way of life. To return to the stage in all its glory, she decided to go on a diet and became zanimatsya sports. The result was not long in coming, and showed him the singer on the beach in Malibu.According to the magazine "Star", Britney dropped 9 pounds in 30 days, get rid of cellulite, and a photo of her in bikinis are a great proof of this. 've done your hard work, proper nutrition and daily exercise.Spears wants to return to his old form, forgetting all that had happened to her over the past two years: divorce, heavy court about child custody and termination of parental rights, problems with alcohol and drugs, large amounts of debt. Now she returns to the shooting of the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", is preparing to debut as a Director of your own video and is going to blow up the charts hip-hop Duo with his former lover Justin Timberlake and his colleague the beatmaker Timbaland. Source: Britney Spears dropped 9 pounds in a month (photos in bikini). Читать полностью -->

`VIA Gra` marry the producer of the group

`VIA Gra` marry the producer of the groupThe producer of the popular group "VIA Gra" Dmitry Kostyuk offered his hand and heart to a new member of the team Meseda Bagaudinova. The wedding is scheduled for late summer.As found "Z", the relationship between the 43 year old businessman Dmitry and 24 years of dazzling beauty-brunette with Meseda last, it turns out, is not the first month.NovelWhile office romance ensued, paced away from prying eyes, the couple have done a lot. Meseda - to become a star of the first echelon, and Kostiuk - to divorce his wife. Not having time to enjoy his bachelor life, Dmitri again ready to tie the knot.- Official invitation on my Desk is not yet, but the wedding of Dmitri and Meseda really takes place in a short time, - has shared with "Z" press attache Kostyuk Arina.DivorceRecall that Kostiuk few months ago officially annulled the marriage with Ukrainian singer Eugenia Vlasova. The master of show business has long been a producer and he was also involved in group "VIA Gra". By the way, its time for Genis Vlasova Lovelace, too, abandoned the family. Читать полностью -->

Nicole Kidman no longer hides her pregnancy

Nicole Kidman no longer hides her pregnancyFrom the beginning of pregnancy belly Nicole Kidman differed very small size, so the actress should not be blamed for the fact that she tries to emphasize its importance, writes Daily Mail.Accompanying the weekend her husband Keith urban at the 43rd awards in the style of country music, 40-year-old mother diligently maintained your stomach and even attracted to this business husband.For Nicole, who has two adopted children with former husband Tom cruise, pregnancy has become a cherished dream. She said she wanted to leave time for career and focus on family.Last week she was seen buying books about motherhood in the city of Nashville in Tennessee, where she now lives. In a book called "Your pregnancy week by week" Nicole carefully flipped through the Chapter on "Week 30-I". Source: Nicole Kidman no longer hides her pregnancy. . . Читать полностью -->

`Iron man` - leader of the American film distribution

`Iron man` - leader of the American film distributionThe film "Iron man" (Iron man) for the second week in a row topped the list of highest-grossing films in the box office in North America, reports Reuters. On the weekend of 9-11 may, "Iron man" picked 50.5 million dollars.General duties of this movie is the film adaptation of Marvel comics for 10 days at the North American box office was $ 177 million.Second place in the list of cash leaders of the past weekend is "speed racer" ("Speed Racer") - new work from the creators of "the Matrix," the Wachowski brothers. The film, which premiered in North America took place on may 9, earned during the three days of 20.2 million dollars - much less than anticipated.In third place was another premiere last week, the romantic Comedy "what happens in Vegas" ("What Happens in Vegas"), the main roles were played by Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. According to the evening of the resurrection, charges of "what happens in Vegas" was estimated at $ 20 million. It is not excluded that on Monday, when will be to obtain accurate information on the screen, "what happens in Vegas" will rise to second place in the list of cash leaders, relegating "spidi-the racer" on the third position. Source: Iron man is the leader of the American film distribution. Читать полностью -->

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