Tanya Gevorkyan scratched the car key offender

Tanya Gevorkyan scratched the car key offenderWell-known TV presenter Tanya Gevorkyan was a participant of the program of Tina Kandelaki "the best driver". In the Studio Tatiana not only answered tricky questions of Tina, but also told the story about how revenge presumptuous offender.Tatiana - girl it looks delicate and feminine. But the courage of the former bride of Ivan Urgant not hold."Once a ham, who was very rude to me in the Parking lot, I scratched the stud his new sports car," said Tatiana. - He was very drunk, was rude to me and, in fact, was a real redneck. I realized that in a fight with him can't get involved, but he's so wrong with me that I urgently needed a psychological discharge, otherwise the mood will be spoiled for two days ahead! So I found the sharpest key in their connection, and he, to his misfortune, turned out to be a brand new expensive sports car. This key directly from the front headlight to the rear and I spent... Читать полностью -->

Ex-wife of Paul McCartney was a prostitute

Ex-wife of Paul McCartney was a prostituteBritish media published a shocking evidence of the involvement mills prostitution. As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, the secrets long held youth will share their "colleague" or rather, the brothel miss Denise Hewitt.Worked with mills side by side Denise says that work in the brothel Eighties she received about 10 thousand pounds:- Mills were prostitutes-class, and none of our friends had no idea about our "profession".Among the clients of Heather and was a billionaire, "Lord of war", Adnan Kashoggi, Australian tycoon Kerry Packer, one of the Saudi princes and many other large "bumps".In 2006, Adnan Kashoggi, without going into details, indirectly confirmed that Heather mills was indeed a prostitute. According to him, one day he took advantage of her services, inviting to a party in the late 1980s. Khashoggi added then that money (about 9 thousand pounds) he paid personally mills. But to add some more details of the billionaire refused.- We gave expensive gifts: jewelry, rings, watches, cars. The world was at our feet. Читать полностью -->

Mickey Rourke replaced image and lifestyle

Mickey Rourke replaced image and lifestylePopular Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke, who became famous glossy role in the movie "9 1/2 weeks", managed to finally get rid of the image sugary character. As a result, the change of image and style of life led star to a clash with the law.The court sentenced Rourke to six months of probation for reckless driving. In November 2007 he was arrested in Miami beach. The police stopped his scooter, on which the actor was driving in zigzags on the road. Alcohol test gave accurate results. Just the actor decided to add some adrenaline and a little fun "extreme", write "Israel news".In addition to probation 55-year-old Rourke sentenced to 50 hours of community service. Читать полностью -->

`Ivan` took a wife from the hospital

`Ivan` took a wife from the hospitalOn Saturday, the participant of group "Ivanushki Int." Andrey Grigoriev-Appolonov took his wife and newborn son from the hospital.Around 6 p.m. silver "Audi" singer arrived to the elite center. So the Redhead could devote every minute of his wife and son at the wheel foreign cars there was a personal driver of the singer. Before you leave, happy parents about 40 minutes going and thanked the staff of the hospital.Childbirth"Your DAY" already wrote that on the night of Monday to Tuesday, the singer's favorite was urgently taken to the emergency Department of elite maternity home, which the couple has pre-signed a contract for the maintenance of pregnancy and childbirth. All that day Andrew was beside her in an agony of waiting. And in 18.15 baby happy parents of their birth. Читать полностью -->

Experts praised Madonna's new album

Experts praised Madonna's new albumThe experts of the music industry appreciated the 11th Studio album of Madonna "Hard Candy", released this week.Criticism focused primarily artists, who collaborated with the star in the work on the plate, Reuters reports.Dance tunes and hip-hop sketches suggest that Madonna has gone back to basics and completely lost heavy sound, for which she repeatedly agitated. Cooperation with such major figures of show business as Justin Timberlake, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams shows that the star chose not to risk it."Surprisingly, her 11th Studio album ... was an act of obedience," wrote caryn Ganz of music magazine Rolling Stone, assessing "Hard Candy" with "4" on a scale. In "Hard Candy", which was supposed to be a reflection of a Mature man over their own creativity, Madonna let the music business tycoons make their toy.". . . Читать полностью -->

Bulanova openly talked about divorce

Bulanova openly talked about divorceThree years ago the singer Tatyana Bulanova broke up with her first husband Nicholas Tigrinum. Both spouses then behaved very friendly to each other and tried not to dwell on the details of his departure.And now, after a few years, being the wife of soccer player Vlad Radimov and his son's mother, Tatiana Bulanova decided to talk publicly about the divorce.It happened in the framework of writing the next edition of TNT channel's "ex-wives Club". This release viewers can uvjeti June 12. In accordance with the rules of the program, presenters and guest star trying to help the heroine to overcome the pain of parting with the beloved man.Tatiana Bulanova experience of family life is pretty big. Recall that the first marriage Bulanova lasted 13 years. The singer always thought it would be happy with a husband much longer. Читать полностью -->

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