`The red Duchess` entered into a lesbian marriage on his deathbed

`The red Duchess` entered into a lesbian marriage on his deathbedIn the life of a Spanish aristocrat Luisa Isabel Alvarez de Toledo, nicknamed the "Red Duchess" everything was unconventional, but no one thought that the most unconventional surprise she will give after his death.71-year-old Duchess known as a philanthropist, advocate of the poor and an opponent of General Franco, died in early March. Only after that her three children have learned that on her deathbed she made a marriage with his lover and left her his fortune. As a result, the descendants of one of the most aristocratic Spanish families left holding the bag, and a precious collection of medieval documents and property of considerable value went Liliana Maria Dahlmann (Liliana Maria Dahlmann), his marriage to the Duchess, which once was its Secretary. Recall that in Spain same-sex marriage is legal.50-year-old Liliana worked for the Duchess for 20 years, their relationship was kept a secret until the wedding, which was conducted by the official of the municipality, on 7 March, a few hours before the death of Alvarez.The second son of the Duchess, Gabriel Gregorio Alvarez de Toledo (Gabriel Gregorio Álvarez de Toledo), the same age as his "stepmother", last spoke with his mother a quarter of a century ago. "It was a nightmare," he said to the press after her death. - And now tried to disinherit her three children.". Читать полностью -->

Top 5 forever young: Hollywood divas `50`

Top 5 forever young: Hollywood divas `50` Several famous women turning 50 this year. They will join Hollywood caste forever young - those who have lived for half a century, but instead of knitting and watching TV series gives birth to children and looks twice younger than his age.Of course, we know that all comes down to genes, and yet: who is put in the hit parade knows how to be young and luxurious in 50 years?This year the anniversary will be celebrated actress Jamie Lee Curtis, comedian Jennifer Saunders, singer Kate Bush. But without them on the Olympus show business there are many those who chose a simple motto: "do Not grieve about his youth - renew it".Their secrets together with the editorial Board of "Business-Style" tried to reveal Maria Bahdankevich - editor of the "Beauty" of the magazine Madame FigarРѕ.Madonna: the 50th anniversary - August 6, 2008Of course, she was the first in this list. It seems that the clip Like A Virgin was released only yesterday. And now I feel old: it was 24 years ago, in 1984! She has come a long way since then, but hardly aged a little. This female fans of fitness the body of a 25-30 year old woman, thanks to daily training in a private gym, yoga and a macrobiotic diet.Comment by Maria Bahdankevich: "Madonna is a fighter by nature. Читать полностью -->

Madonna sets the record on the UK charts

Madonna sets the record on the UK charts The single "4 Minutes" became the thirteenth song of the Madonna, who led the British hit parade.No singer in the history of compilation of the charts in the UK failed to achieve such result, as the Madonna. The song "4 Minutes" written by Madonna with Justin Timberlake and will become part of the new album "Hard Candy", which will go on sale April 28.The second highest number of singles ever reaching the top of British charts, belongs to Kylie Minogue, whose composition was ranked first for seven times. Source: Madonna sets the record on the UK charts (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

In the family Jolie-pitt will be two more girls

In the family Jolie-pitt will be two more girlsHollywood arrive in the afternoon in July in the star family of Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt will have two kids.And yet joyful event has not occurred, the press continues to wonder what sex will be children.Earlier it was reported that Angelina should give birth to a girl and a boy . But yesterday it was reported that pitt and Jolie will be the parents of the children. Supposedly, this is exactly the message the star couple confirmed itself.Meanwhile, for now Paul Breda future children is not as important as the health of his beloved. According to close to a pair of source the other day the actress became ill - she fainted and fell in her room. Frightened Nonsense called the doctor, who established the lack of vitamins in the body of the expectant mother and the average degree of fatigue. Source: In the family Jolie-pitt will be two more girls. Читать полностью -->

Vasily Aksenov came out of the coma

Vasily Aksenov came out of the comaThe famous Russian writer Vasily Aksenov, hospitalized in January with the stroke, came out of the coma.He opened his eyes and began to react to external sounds. Physicians Institute. N. N. Burdenko believe that it is very good performance - the brain Vasily Pavlovich gradually recovering, according to LIFE.RU.Before the doctors noticed a positive change in the status of the writer. He began to breathe better, the heart rate has stabilized a bit. Читать полностью -->

The soloist `Simons` broke his arm on the project " Circus with the stars`

The soloist `Simons` broke his arm on the project Soloists of group "Ivanushki International" in the last few months, pursued by ill fate. At the end of last year severe injuries to Andrei Grigoriev-Apollonov and Oleg Yakovlev, and, this year, suffered Kirill Andreev.Fracture of the ulna artist earned while training on the project "Circus with stars". That day no dangerous stunts Cyril was not performed. He was just practicing tricks.As props in "Ivanushki" was a huge cube with folding walls. At one point Cyril leaned back against the cube wall and leaned back."Ivan" and fell immediately felt a sharp pain in his hand, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Already in the emergency room the actor said that he broke his ulna.The injured limb is now bandaged from fingertips to shoulder. Читать полностью -->

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