The group `Shiny` on the verge of collapse

The group `Shiny` on the verge of collapseFuture new singer will replace in the popular group Natasha Friske or Anya Dubovitsky.The current membership of the "Shiny" on the verge of collapse. In addition to basic principals Nadia Handles and Nastya Osipova two artist - Anna Dubovitskaya and Zhanna Friske sister Natalia in the group are on probation.By the decision of the producer women's "team" Andrei Shlykov, you need to find another sexy beauty that will replace one of the two "interns" or, in the case of poor casting, the composition will remain the same.Casting"Highlight" of the competitive selection became a member of the jury. The right to choose a new soloist dropped by "brilliant". Nadia Handle, Nastya Osipova and Anna Dubovitskaya personally auditioned contestants, bringing its verdict.Are unable to come to the casting only Natasha Friske. In that day the beautiful brunette had a high fever. The singer stayed home, leaving the right voice to my colleagues.ContenderAfter two hours of listening to "shiny" opted for six girls. Читать полностью -->

In Moscow burned the car backing singers Nelly Furtado

In Moscow burned the car backing singers Nelly FurtadoDecided to start a solo career in Russia backing vocalist Nelly Furtado singer libertГ  recently lost his new car the Ford Focus - a car burned by unknown in the yard of her own home.Six months of living in the U.S., coupled with training in jazz school, for girl, fluent in English, German, Turkish languages have become a kind of cast stone in a pop career. But despite the obvious prospects in the States, and in particular, working as a backup singer for Nelly Furtado libertГ  left on the "American dream" and returned home to Moscow, where he began working on a solo program. But as it turned out not at home all happy to welcome a bright new actress, anyway, she libertГ  no doubt that set fire to her car in an attempt to intimidate:- I have no doubt that this is a provocation competitors in show business, " says Liebert. - It's no secret that the Russian music market is divided among several clans, and producers, none of them is interested in the emergence of new strong and independent artists. And we are currently negotiating with record labels, in particular with Sony BMG and "gramophone records". If we talk about the format of the album is "glamorous intellectual pop", music for thinking people. Читать полностью -->

Ridiculous outfits and clown makeup the EHA-to-face

Ridiculous outfits and clown makeup the EHA-to-face Famous singer Stas Pieha decided to become a clown in the project channel TNT "Stars change careers". Issue with the participation of the artist in the air will be April 6, but to observe the transformation of Stas, you can now."Can you imagine me in a clown suit, in dimensionless shoes with crazy hairstyle with glued nose and very extravagant makeup? asks the Stas. - By and large, I do in my life is the same: pop music - this is the same clown show.". . . . Читать полностью -->

In the house of actor Mel Gibson found dead

In the house of actor Mel Gibson found deadIn the house of Mel Gibson killed himself a Builder. The body of the hung 47-year-old man was found Wednesday morning in the home of Hollywood actor in AGOURA hills near Malibu, reports TMZ.A terrible discovery was made by the superintendent. The Gibson was not at home when the tragedy occurred and when the body was found. The fact that Villa star is now conducted major repairs and none of his family doesn't live there. Call the police to report the dead body was received at 8:07 am local time.The body was found in under construction to house the annexe and was in a state of rigor Mortis, which means that from the moment of death it's been a few hours. Source: the house of the actor Mel Gibson found dead. Читать полностью -->

Prada invited the stars to the party

Prada invited the stars to the party In Beverly hills brand Prada presented the project "Trembled Blossoms" and invited Hollywood stars to your party.All party girl: Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie, Rumer Willis - their rajawali several Actresses like Rosario Dawson, Brooke shields and Juliette Lewis. Source: Prada invited the stars to the party (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Pugachev celebrated its 59th anniversary alone

Pugachev celebrated its 59th anniversary aloneThe prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva celebrated 59 years in Zurich in the company of her assistant Elena Chuprakova. Having quarreled with Maxim Galkin, a few days before the birthday, the singer did not want to meet anyone.She refused to even meet with friends - Vladimir Vinokur and Alexander Marshal, who yesterday were ready to come to Zurich from Paris. Colleagues agreed to meet on Wednesday at one o'clock on neutral territory in Frankfurt.HolidayPugachev was up early. However, most of the day, the singer spent as a recluse in the room. Romantic morning, similar to that she had a year ago in nice, alas, did not work.Ended on a sad holiday tradition at casino Baden, which is a stone's throw from the chic hotel, where he settled diva.FormerRecall his 58 birthday "singing woman", celebrated in the company of a loved humorist in a cozy hotel, more like a chic private Villa. Then waking up in the morning, Alla went to get some fresh air on the balcony. Читать полностью -->

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