Volochkova made a scene at the airport

Volochkova made a scene at the airportAnastasia Volochkova has experienced some unpleasant moments during the scheduled flight to Israel. In the land of promise dancer will give a concert, but the mood of the stars is already pretty spoiled.At the airport Volochkova, as usual, was glowing with happiness. However, only until then, until he learned that by mistake she bought the ticket is not a business, and economy class. More Nastya enraged when got on the plane.It turned out that the star of the ballet got a place:next to the toilet. Only after Volochkova gave the stewardess a debriefing, the problem was solved. However, to insist on, the ballerina was pretty nervous. Читать полностью -->

Leontiev had to sing live due to a broken `plywood`

Leontiev had to sing live due to a broken `plywood`At a concert in Moscow Odincovo Valery Leontiev had to perform their hits without a soundtrack.Famous artist summed musical instrument, bought just a few days ago. After a couple of minutes after the show starts technique was refused. None of the engineers could not recover. In the end, Valery more than an hour singing their hits live, without musical accompaniment, according to the newspaper "Your day".- I could not cancel the concert, - commented the singer. Source: Leontiev had to sing live due to a broken "plywood"". . Читать полностью -->

Ksenia Sobchak publicly swore at his Manager

Ksenia Sobchak publicly swore at his ManagerTV presenter Ksenia Sobchak threw a terrible scandal when it was not allowed to attend the anniversary concert of Vladimir Vinokur."Almighty" socialite planned in the operetta theater, where the concert was held, to interview Boris Moiseyev for one of the glossy magazines. However, go to the speech to mark the 60th anniversary of the artist, turned out to be a problem, even for celebrities such as Xenia.- There's nothing I can do for you - calmly explained the PR Manager Vladimir Natanovich Alexander Kudin. - We have no place in the hall. You should have known better, and not to call in the day of the concert, and in General, we do not have accreditation for the press..."Penetrate" on the long-awaited concert glamorous journalist could only on the second day. Angry at his Manager, media personality, without mincing words, gave him a verbal thrashing. Ksenia swore a long time, interspersing inspirational speech mate.Is it me zae...l already! I'm Anton and more will not work! - he heard them yelling Sobchak from the dressing room. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears deliberately planted on drugs

Britney Spears deliberately planted on drugsA restraining order against the Manager of Britney Spears Sam Lutfi accuses him that he is the singer became addicted to drugs, and seized control of her house and cash accounts, reported Tuesday evening by Sky News.According to the order, Lutfi ordered to stay away from Spears and stop the harassment.The basis for the order was the vague complaint of the mother of Britney Spears. In it, in particular, States that "Lutfi's practically moved into the house Britney and pretended to take over her life, home and finances".Recall that the singer was placed under the guardianship of their father and their counsel in connection with her mental condition. The court also forbade her any contact with her relatives and friends, including Lutfi and obliged her to undergo a medical examination to determine her sanity.Currently, Spears is under the supervision of doctors at the psychiatric ward of UCLA Medical Center. The exact timing of its release from the hospital is still unknown. Source: Britney Spears deliberately planted on drugs. . Читать полностью -->

Prince William uses automatic instead of a military helicopter

Prince William uses automatic instead of a military helicopterPrince William went to a bachelor party on the helicopter, prompting criticism from some politicians and the UK media. William and his younger brother Prince Harry attended the party on the Isle of Wight on the occasion of the wedding of their cousin Peter Phillips.Description fun-filled bachelor party that lasted three days, appeared in all the British tabloids.In helicopter "Chinook" William went last Friday, just hours after the solemn ceremony of handing over of the badge of military pilots on the basis of the Royal air force in Lincolnshire. On the way to the Isle of Wight William landed in London to take on Board brother.The use of a military helicopter for the trip to the party at the time, as commanders of the British forces pointed to the shortage of military equipment in "hot spots", caused by a variety of politicians. The British Ministry of defence, in turn, defended the Prince, saying that the flight to the Isle of Wight was a scheduled training event, reports RIA "Novosti"."Prince William flew, which cemented the new skills learned during a week of training in the appropriate flight unit", - said the representative of the military Department.Meanwhile, an expert on defense issues for the British TV channel Sky News Lorna ward also points to the fact that Prince William had no right to put in the helicopter Prince Harry, not having the proper permit and insurance policy. Source: Prince William uses automatic instead of a military helicopter. . Читать полностью -->

The soloist of the `Cuts` have got a blog for candid photos

The soloist of the `Cuts` have got a blog for candid photosThe female soloist of group "Allsorts" got himself a blog. Maria Zaitseva, the bride of Alex Homan, not just created a page, but is already actively post interesting photos there.In one of the first posts she placed Nude photos of Madonna. The girl said that she wanted people to remember what was once a pop star, because now she was a different person."My friends have long been advised to create a "live journal". And when I flipped through their pages, we also wanted to make myself learn, " says Masha. - In fact, looking at a journal you can always remember that is left behind once their thoughts and ideas. And also to post photos of friends, favorite actors. Читать полностью -->

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