Mylene Farmer appeared in the guise of the red-haired angel

Mylene Farmer appeared in the guise of the red-haired angel Photographer Simon Hawk filmed by the French singer MylГЁne Farmer in a new photoshoot.The Creator of this creation worked with such stars as Monica Belluci and Vanessa Paradis.Fans of Mylene learned from a reliable source amazing fact. It turned out that the hairdresser Mylene Farmer used the name "Simon Hawk" as his nickname.The real name of the hairdresser John Nollet. He was a Barber Mylene for 13 concerts in Paris-Bersy in 2006. Source: Mylene Farmer appeared in the guise of the red-haired angel (photo). . . Читать полностью -->

Russian national team has got a new mascot

Russian national team has got a new mascotOn Monday in Moscow, yacht-club "Admiral" was honored Russian national team which will go to the Olympic games in Beijing.In many sports, the national team is still being formed, but the fans sure - the earlier the celebration, the better.To congratulate the future national pride came as the famous party-goers, singers, and athletes. People from different areas have decided to unite in a luxury yacht club, wish to win the Olympic team."Sure, I believe that our team will win in Beijing," said the skater Irina Slutskaya. - Otherwise cannot be. There are now so many victories in sports that do not believe, and I wish you all good luck.". . . Читать полностью -->

Beautician is an impostor disfigured wife of Elvis Presley

Beautician is an impostor disfigured wife of Elvis PresleyThe wife of the late Elvis Presley were among the victims of a cosmetologist, an impostor. A convicted crook did Priscilla Presley injections surrogate, napominayuschie Botox, reports TMZ.Priscilla, whose face recently looks unnatural, met with Daniel Serrano in 2003. Pretty doctor from Argentina were rotated among Hollywood celebrities, offering them a "miracle" injection of acting, in his words, better than Botox.Actually, Serrano was injected with industrial low-grade silicone, similar to that used for the lubrication of vehicles. From his actions affected celebrities such as the wife of Larry king, Shawn, and wife of Lionel Richie, Diana. One shot Serrano took from 300 to 500 dollars.However, injections are not licensed physician Argentine eventually began to cause swelling, paralysis and cavities in the faces of those who did them.Serrano was convicted of smuggling drugs, fraud, and illegal employment. Last week he was released from prison and is now awaiting deportation to their homeland.As for Priscilla Presley, she is now undergoing a corrective procedure. Читать полностью -->

Ponarovskaya ready to sell the last

Ponarovskaya ready to sell the lastSinger Irina Ponarovskaya recently celebrated its 55th anniversary. The once super popular actress now in demand.However, for the Irina the employment, which she now is, is enough. She says she don't need a TV show like "You - superstar" to try to regain its former glory.According to Ponarovskaya, it will sell better last than put yourself in a bad light before the public."Believe me, I am a man who is faced with so many difficulties, and I understand the value of life. But if, God forbid, I will not have bread and I have to make a choice: to go to this program or sell the last ring - I'll sell the ring. I have their dignity will not drop," said Ponarovskaya in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets"."I want to tell you that those people who participated in "superstar", each for his own reason was helpless in his work, - shared his opinion of the singer. It's something I can say about myself. Читать полностью -->

Favorite tights disgraced Britney Spears

Favorite tights disgraced Britney SpearsLooks like a psychiatric clinic is not strongly influenced by the chaotic lifestyle of Britney Spears and certainly not change her disgusting addiction to dress.The infamous star was seen in her favorite (probably the same), already strongly ripped, fishnet pantyhose, in her oversized t-shirt, without a bra, but in shorts worn over tights, when you exit the dance Studio "Millennium" in Hollywood.Spears came out to smoke and right in front of her waiting numerous paparazzi started fixing her tights, while removing panties. Britney was accompanied by a new bodyguard, hired by her parents to watch not for security but rather for the behavior of his daughter, writes The Daily Mail. Before you go back, the star who ignored this year the ceremony of the prestigious music award Grammy paparazzi shouted: "... the Grammys!".Currently, Spears is under the guardianship of his own father, who may dispose of its 40-million endowment. Jamie Spears was appointed guardian of her daughter after she for a second time went to a psychiatric clinic. Jamie and Lynne, mother of Britney, concerned that their daughter was released from the hospital 11 days ahead of schedule.In a joint statement the pair said: "We are very worried about the safety of our daughter and believe that her life is in danger". Читать полностью -->

Zemfira will sue the publishers of his DVD

Zemfira will sue the publishers of his DVDZemfira moved the release of the DVD of "Green theatre in Zemfira" indefinitely. In connection with the preparation for the concert in SC "Olympic" on 1 April, the singer did not have enough time to bring the disk to mind."Can't afford to release a substandard product," said Zemfira on its official website. Respectively, have been cancelled and scheduled autograph sessions.However, despite the position of the artist, the DVD "Green theatre in Zemfira" is already available - in particular, on the website it is sold for 220 rubles. "Company "DVD-Land," says the singer - with whom I had a contract on the distribution of the film "Green theatre in Zemfira" without obtaining the consent of the holders, violating a number of conditions, printed and began selling copies of the film. CD in stores, I'm in a stupor".According to InterMedia, Zemfira's going to sue you Land on DVD and asks fans to refrain from buying a poorly designed and assembled disc. The press attache of the singer Boris Barabanov from comments about the current situation declined, and the company DVD Land has made an official statement. Читать полностью -->

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