Tour Galkina Germany fell

Tour Galkina Germany fellThe parodist was unable to leave Russia because of the fact that he was not given a work permitBig tour in Germany popular humorist Maxim Galkin, who was yesterday to start in Mannheim, broke with the scandal.Organizer of concerts for some unknown reason, have not issued a work visa for the artist, but just before departure, invited Maxim to fly on a tourist that does not give the artist the right to work abroad.Maxim Galkin was shocked, because all the tickets were already sold out! With a normal tourist visa in the passport to perform on the stage for Maxim would mean to break the law. On the crime humorist, of course, could not go.TourRecall that Maxim Galkin announced their big tour in twenty cities in Germany, which was to be held from 11 April to 8 may. Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Hannover, Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Hamburg - here are just a few of them.These concerts are very important for the artist, as with Germany he associated with the most warm memories. He lived there for several years with his parents. Locals, in turn, are interested in creativity Maxim Galkin, and all the tickets were sold out a month before the tour. Moreover, the humorist for four years has not made big recitals and specially prepared for him.Touring tour artist was preceded by a massive advertising campaign in the media, and there were no signs of failure of this trip. Читать полностью -->

Pugacheva and Kirkorov forced to testify in the police

Pugacheva and Kirkorov forced to testify in the policeAlla Pugacheva, whose documents last fall were checked by the staff of Department of fight against economic crimes, was involved in a major financial scandal.Diva cause for questioning in the investigation of financial fraud.As it became known "TD", legendary singer passes the witness on this high-profile case together with the head of the ballet "Todes" alloy of Brass and her ex-husband Philip Kirkorov, as all financial Affairs of these celebrities led close friend diva Olga javakhadze.FinanceRecall that last fall, 11 employees 3 ORC GST OVD Central district of the capital came to the office of javakhadze on Maroseyka and searched. In the field of view of the Department on struggle against tax crimes of the got firm, which is headed by assistant Alla Pugacheva.The CEO was charged with the regulation on the inspection of the premises, which resulted in the seizure of two computers, hard drives and the number of documents that shed light on the financial activities of the firm. At the end, the security forces promised that he will return soon...The guards were in a difficult situation: a diva never found time to come to the police station to testify. Moreover, the singer shared with close friends, he did not consider himself guilty of anything and does not understand the need to give any explanation.But, unlike Pugacheva, their testimony in this case gave Alla oven and Director Kirkorov Andrey Zhuravlev.- Yes, I really gave testimony - confessed "TD" Zhuravlev. But nothing more to say, alas, can not.Not too surprised by the summons to appear for questioning and was Olga javakhadze.- I will not say anything, and simply call where you want, and decide everything, " countered girlfriend diva regulating financial flows in the star family."I don't know what it is," said a gentle voice "TD" Olga. I knew already told. Читать полностью -->

Vodonaeva lost a child

Vodonaeva lost a child Sexy ex-participant of the show "Dom-2" and now the lead singer of PLAZMA Alena Vodonaevoy had surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy.Neither Allen, who dreams of becoming a mother nor her boyfriend is a successful entrepreneur Alex - I didn't expect such a sad outcome.When Allen learned about what is "interesting" position, she was in seventh heaven. However, her joy, unfortunately, was premature. Soon, after examining the patient, the doctors informed Vodonaevoy terrible news: the fetus is outside the uterus and survive he has no chance. A child must die so as not to destroy the mother.Ectopic (tubal) pregnancy is quite a dangerous diagnosis that can have terrible consequences. So the doctors did not delay the operation. In one of the best specialized clinic in Moscow best gynecologists has removed the fruit and took all the necessary tests to determine the cause of pathology. Читать полностью -->

Shakira - the `hot` woman of the world

Shakira - the `hot` woman of the world Bright and sexy appearance of this beauty undoubtedly gives us the right to consider her one of the hottest women in the world. Her blond hair and burning dark eyes create an erotic contrast and harmony in unusual Latin appearance.Source: Shakira - the "hottest" woman of the world (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

The stag Prince William went on a helicopter

The stag Prince William went on a helicopterNo sooner had Britain's Prince William to receive the badge of military pilot, how I fit in a small skandalets. Nothing special: just went to a bachelor party for his cousin in the air force helicopter.Military helicopters "Chinook" valued at $21 million Prince William went to a party on the Isle of Wight on the occasion of the forthcoming marriage of his cousin Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anna.On the way to a bachelor party just baked the pilot landed in London to take his brother, Prince Harry. On this occasion, the tabloid The Sun is poisonous wrote that the Prince, arriving with his brother Harry in a helicopter, won five additional hours spent at the bar on a stag party. Instead of spending seven hours on the road and ferry, princes reached bachelorette party for 1 hour and 20 minutes. The helicopter, bringing the princes to the island, returned to base, controlled by the copilot.What the Prince flew their cases to military "chopper", caused a scandal. Politicians have described the incredible situation when a military helicopter used for private entertainment instead participate in military operations. Читать полностью -->

AC/DC will release their new albumOn the website of the Australian hard rock band AC/DC, it was reported that before the end of the year the musicians are preparing to release a new album.He will be the first record of the band after eight years of silence. The last one was "Stiff Upper Lip", released in 2000 year."Wait is long! Fans of AC/DC wait to release album of new songs this year. Currently the band is currently in Studio recording in Vancouver," reads a message posted on the web site.The group AC/DC has existed since 1973. During his more than thirty-year history of the Australian group has sold over 150 million albums. Record "Back in black" takes the second place in the list of best-selling albums in the U.S., after "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Source: AC/DC will release their new album. Читать полностью -->

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