Prince William's girlfriend at a ski resort

Prince William's girlfriend at a ski resort Prince William took a break from their Royal Affairs and went on to my favorite Swiss resort of Klosters in company with the bride Kate Middleton.For the relationship of William and Kate enthusiastically following all of Britain: young people come together and apart. As he wrote in the London tabloids, Kate Middleton has been several months secretly living with William at his official residence. Together the couple goes back and relax. Yesterday while skiing, they looked quite happy, writes portal Gossip Girls posting photos from mountain slopes (see our gallery). Together with his son to a vacation in the Alps arrived and Prince Charles.According to rumors, at the end of the week and perhaps ex-girlfriend English heir - Jessica Craig, daughter of the influential owner of an African reservation in Kenya, which the press called the first real love of Prince William. Source: Prince William's girlfriend at a ski resort (photos). Читать полностью -->

`Sex and the city` show in London on may 12

`Sex and the city` show in London on may 12World premiere of the film "Sex and the city" will be held in London. This decision was taken because of the low U.S. dollar, reports FemaleFirst.The film, based on the popular American TV series that tells the story of four women living in new York, will be shown at the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square on may 12, two weeks after the premiere show will be and new York.All four of the female lead roles in the movie - Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon - will be present at the London event. A source at New Line Cinema said that the decision to postpone the premiere of the film in the British capital, caused by the weakness of the us economy. Nevertheless, in the Studio insist that the new York premiere will be no less important than London.The shooting of the film "Sex and the city" began in September. The final, sixth season of the series, loosely based on the bestseller by Candace Bushnell, was shown in 2004. Читать полностью -->

McCartney `Perezville with a new passion on the beach

McCartney `Perezville with a new passion on the beachRoman Paul McCartney and rich American heiress Nancy Shevell is in full swing. Their faces and glowing with happiness - it can be seen from photos "beatle" sports on the coast with a new girlfriend.The last two weeks, McCartney and his girlfriend spend in the Caribbean, on a private island Jambi Bay, splashing in the sea and basking in the sun.Now hide their relationship the couple have to avoid the barrage of questions that will come down on them right after they returned from a romantic trip...Their romance began to turn with particular force a week after ruinous for Sex divorce with Heather mills. Although first 65-year-old McCartney and 47-year-old owner and Vice President of the transportation Corporation Nancy Shevell "caught" in October 2007, when the lovers, forgetting to be cautious, passionately kissing in the car after a joint lunch in a new York hotel "the Blakes".As told one of the employees of the hotel, Nancy and Paul behaved so that they could be mistaken for a couple.Nancy - millionaire. The Mercantile interest. So, this is love.And although the official representative McCartney declined to comment, one of the members of the entourage of the former "beatle", admitted: "We are all just happy to see Paul finally recovered after high-profile divorce proceedings.He wakes up and looks at them with Nancy Shevell establish a special relationship. She is smart, beautiful, and has a special inner strength.". Читать полностью -->

Rudkovskaya: `Eurovision` had to go Lazarev

Rudkovskaya: `Eurovision` had to go LazarevAs you know, to represent Russia at the contest "Eurovision-2008" will be Dima Bilan with the song, coincidentally bearing the same name, and "Europeana" song failed in 2004, Yulia Savicheva, - "Believe Me".Even ardent detractors Bilan admit that his performance in the qualifying round has earned the highest ratings. However, without the gossip that the selection was unfair, still not done. Admittedly, for such gossip, unfortunately, had grounds.Originally Dima Bilan was going to win Eurovision with Spanish-language song "Porque aun te amo", which, according to his producer Yana Rudkovskaya, supposedly specially written by famous Latin American producer Rudy Perez (EG N 9, 2008). According to the rules of the Eurovision song contest should not be published anywhere before 1 October last year. However, experts with the Internet portal found that this song back in 2006, released in his album "Dispuesto A Amarte" Argentine singer, Luciano Pereira. Similar violations were revealed and some of the other participants of the qualifying round. Читать полностью -->

Dug up the deceased premiere 100 years ago

Dug up the deceased premiere 100 years agoThe body of the former Australian Prime Minister, who died a hundred years ago, exhumed to conduct a paternity test, reports the australian.The petition for the exhumation of Charles Cameron Kingston, a "father of Federation", which earlier this year filed a prominent businessman from Adelaide and his sister, who endorsed attorney General Michael Atkinson.Brother and sister, whose names were not disclosed, claim that they are relatives of the illegitimate child of Kingston. Based on the remains will be conducted the DNA test.Kingston was Premier of South Australia from 1893 to 1899, and a member of the first Federal Parliament and one of the founders of the Federation. When it was introduced the right for women to vote. In Adelaide he was known for his sexual excesses. He and his wife, Lucy McCarthy, who was handicapped, adopted child, born from Kingston to another woman. They say the Prime Minister left, and other illegitimate children, descendants and which initiated the case. Читать полностью -->

New clip Pavliashvili and Liberty is `brain stem`

New clip Pavliashvili and Liberty is `brain stem`In Moscow were shooting the video for the sensational song "Between the lines the night" performed by Soso Pavliashvili and Liberty. The main Casanova Russian pop Soso Pavliashvili spent a romantic evening with a mysterious and very attractive young lady.The evening began with dinner and ended =joint walk through Moscow at night to the accompaniment of rain. But even in this romantic "couple in love" =a single second could not be alone. Everywhere they were accompanied by =a numerous crew. =As it turned out, and the dinner and the walk - part of the script of the new joint clip two artists - Soso Pavliashvili and Liberty.=According to Pavliashvili, manner of performance and vocal technique Liberty close to him: "no one could sing with "the crazy Georgian". Soso also noticed that considers LibertГ  one of the most promising performers on the Russian stage, calling the girl "a young Larisa Dolina". Читать полностью -->

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