Rare photos of Lennon will go under the hammer

Rare photos of Lennon will go under the hammerAt the London auction Bonhams 18 June will be exhibited rare photographs of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the auction house.A collection of photos taken by Luis Garrido, is estimated at 75-90 thousand pounds sterling (150-180 thousand dollars). Along with photos sold rights to use them.The photographs show John Lennon and Yoko Ono during the campaign "Peace in bed" in Amsterdam and the rest, as well as Lennon, working on the song "Give Peace A Chance". In addition to photos to tender will be issued a moped "Honda", belonged to Lennon, and later the drummer of the Beatles Ringo Starr. Source: Rare photos of Lennon will go under the hammer. . . Читать полностью -->

Husband Rudkovskaya announced Bilan war

Husband Rudkovskaya announced Bilan warThe list of participants fighting for the right to represent Russia at the contest in Serbia has risen to 27 people. A new contender is the singer from Belarus 24 year old Polina Smolova. Producer girl stands none other than businessman Viktor Baturin.Husband producer of Dima Bilan Yana Rudkovskaya.Viktor spoke against the participation in the contest Bilan with his "Negro songs". And now Buchanan decided to spite the ward of his wife to nominate for the contest the artist with the song recorded in the best traditions of Russian musical culture.In the qualifying round on March 9 Polina Smolova will present the song "In the distance breath, the words to which were written by the Victor Baturin. The soloist of the Church choir sang the song several departs from the format of "Eurovision". Pauline did not make it to the finals in 2006.BilanYesterday in the pavilion of the TV channel "Russia" on Shabolovka was an emotional outburst. Читать полностью -->

Alina Kabaeva will help the graduates with the exam

Alina Kabaeva will help the graduates with the examFamous gymnast and Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on youth Affairs Alina Kabaeva have decided to help graduates in the difficult task of passing the Unified state examination (use).On her initiative since may 15, will begin its work with a special "Hot line" by which the graduates will be able to get answers to questions related to the exam. As reported by "RIA Novosti" with reference to Elizabeth Ovchinnikov, a spokesman Kabaeva, calls to the hotline will accept from 14.00, and the first thing which would come to get advice, will be chemistry.Noteworthy is the fact that the idea is to answer calls students will be professors of the Moscow universities and best teachers of Russian schools. "Many are ambivalent about the recently introduced Unified state exam, especially among schoolchildren, he raises many questions. "Hot line", of course, will not solve all problems, but will help when there is nobody to ask for advice" - quoted Kabaeva her press Secretary.Advice for students will be held in chemistry, history, physics, geography, biology, Russian language and literature, mathematics and even on appeal. On the day before the exam experts will advise students on the subject until 23.00.According to information from the official website Kabaeva, the idea to create a kind of "first aid" for schoolchildren came up by itself in the course of communication with seniors. "While I don't even know what happens, but the results will definitely be systematized. Читать полностью -->

Savelieva brings Yagudin to depression

Savelieva brings Yagudin to depressionThe soloist of group "Factory" Sasha Savelieva and famous figure skater Alexei Yagudin were no longer hide their relationship. Club Dating has become for them the project "Ice age".Romantic, even passionate kiss, which surprised Yagudin and Savelyeva viewers, foreshadowed some intrigue, but hardly could be a harbinger of a serious relationship. But even despite the fact that the novel was started only after Savelieva had to leave the show, Alexandra and Alexei found the time to build your personal happiness.Long phone conversations and SMS perdisco was soon replaced by a beautiful novel. There were even rumors about their marriage. But apparently, in this relationship hit a rough patch. Rumor has it that the couple finally broke up, and none of the friends are not able to reconcile them. Читать полностью -->

At Novodevichy cemetery honored the memory of Rostropovich

At Novodevichy cemetery honored the memory of RostropovichHundreds of people came Sunday, on the first anniversary of the death of the great musician Mstislav Rostropovich, to honor his memory at the Novodevichy cemetery, RIA "Novosti".The tomb of the famous musician, located on Central Avenue was awash in roses.The cemetery came the widow of the Maestro, Opera singer Galina Vishnevskaya, along with her daughters, and the widow of the first President of Russia Naina Yeltsin. Both women have been widowed almost simultaneously.A memorial service was held on the day of the feast of the Passover, and therefore to the tomb of the musician, which is crowned with an Orthodox cross with the inscription "Rostropovich Mstislav Rostropovich. 27.03.1927 - 27.04.2007", put colored eggs and Easter cake.Memorial service held Church Ministers led by father Georgi.The musician died after a long illness on April 27 of last year - exactly a month after he celebrated his 80th anniversary.Maestro felt ill in December 2006 during a trip to Voronezh. After his return he was in Moscow Cancer center on Kashirskoye highway and was discharged from there in early March. In April 2007, he was again hospitalized, and after some time died in the same cancer center.Rostropovich was buried on 29 April, after a funeral service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.Mstislav Rostropovich, USSR people's artist, laureate of the Stalin and Lenin prizes of the USSR, State prize of the Russian Federation, is known not only as a musician but as a public figure.On the eve of the 80th anniversary of the Maestro was awarded the order "For merits before Fatherland" the first degree.The name of the great musician included among the "Forty Immortals" - honorable members of the French Academy of arts.The Maestro was a member of the American Academy of arts and Sciences, the Roman Accademia di Santa Cecilia, the British Royal Academy of music, Royal Academy of Sweden, the Bavarian Academy of fine arts and was awarded an honorary doctorate of more than 50 universities worldwide. He was awarded the Imperial prize of the Japan Association for the arts and numerous other awards. Читать полностью -->

The porn star has gone into politics

The porn star has gone into politics Name Federica, Zarri known among under age Italians almost more than the name of the most popular in the country of the airline.30-year-old native of one of the suburbs of Milan and a graduate of the College of St. George in Las Vegas, where she studied business and philosophy, Federica became a star four dozen adult films.Sari is proud of her successful film career, but her main passion is politics.The other day she said about the need for pornorafia. If the elections in Italy will win the party "People of freedom ( Popolo della Libertà ), the Parliament will have to consider the law proposed by Federica, Zarri.A consistent supporter of Silvio Berlusconi, the porn star is hoping to take its rightful place in the ranks of Italian legislators.According to Sarri, pornography in Italy must be fully rehabilitated and legalized."Pornography is not pedophilia," recalls the actress, claiming that the pleasure, which gives the film for adults, nothing wrong with that.To oversee conopomorpha should the Ministry of cultural property under the supervision of officials of this Department pornographers will raise the artistic quality of their works.Actors and Actresses should pass the aptitude...The names of the actors passing the certification will be submitted to the data Bank.Representatives of the Guild pornographers" must carefully pay taxes and to enforce their rights, demanding decent conditions of work on the set - shower, food, clean sheets...Itself toward Sari, only, according to the Italian press, the feminist in the camp of Berlusconi, tirelessly fighting for the rights of colleagues, acting in various TV shows.She never misses a chance to remind you that considers porn as a profession, not a way of life, and the fact that this profession does not negate the existence of intelligence and political awareness.Sarri repeatedly compared with Marlene Dietrich, Hollywood star of German origin. Fans Federica sees some similarities in posture and plastic Actresses.However, Sarri, only recently first saw Dietrich on the screen, preferred that it was compared with the Italian "Mary Magdalene", a pornographic actress Mooney Pozzi.In his short life - she died when she was only 33 years - Pozzi managed to play more than 100 pornocasting, to participate in dozens of intellectual talk shows and found the "Party of love", the banners were inscribed with demands for social equality. Source: porn Star has gone into politics (photos). . Читать полностью -->

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