25 most popular women in the Russian show business

25 most popular women in the Russian show businessThe names of the stars included in the ranking of the most-most of the fairer sex, are kept secret. But it is already known that among them, Masha Rasputina, Zhanna Friske and Kristina Orbakaite. In the list didn't get Anzhelika Varum, Alex and Kseniya Novikova.Ex-"brilliant" Novikova not upset:- I don't care, I got into some kind of rating or missed. Can't even tell that I'm hurt. I'm more confident.The rating beauties amounted to the First channel, for several months interviewing online audience. The list will be announced in the documentary "25 beauties show business" on Saturday. As experts in the film were made by Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., Igor Nikolaev, Andrey Malakhov, Sergey Mayorov.If Vasily Shukshin lived in our days he would have made films only with the participation of Masha Rasputina, - says Andrey Malakhov. Source: the 25 most popular women in the Russian show business.

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