Pregnant Jolie again scared of all animals

Pregnant Jolie again scared of all animals The paparazzi love to follow the appearance of being in the sixth month of Angelina Jolie, and journalists - to discuss its thinness. Yesterday the actress gave them another reason.According to the London Daily Mail, usually expectant moms attract the attention of his stomach. In the case of Jolie public attention rather draw her hands, or rather, eye-catching veins. The newspaper asked the experts to comment on the appearance of a Hollywood star."Bulging veins suggests that under the skin has no fat and is bad for pregnancy," said Dr. Chris Steele. - We used to see this phenomenon in athletes and people engaged in heavy physical labor, they, as a rule, insufficient levels of body fat. Pregnant women are often varicose in the legs, but this is not the case Jolie.".

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