The Russian model told how it has benefited favorite idol

The Russian model told how it has benefited favorite idol20-year-old model Elizabeth Osowa, who came to Britain two years ago to work and study, told the News of the World newspaper, which first met 36-year-old British actor David Williamson in August last year."He liked to appear with a Russian model and to drive the Aston Martin. He pretended to be something like James bond," says Elizabeth.After lunch at the restaurant they went to his luxury home in London. "We went down in a huge living room. He poured me a glass of wine, and the juice, because he almost never drinks. Then he showed me a souvenir and record their swim across the English channel. Then he said he wanted to kiss me. I said don't kiss on the first date, so we've scheduled the second in a trendy restaurant Nobu," says the model.But in order to achieve the proximity of the girl, the actor took third date at London club Mahiki. "He asked how it will be in Russian: "marry me". He sent me a bouquet of roses and wrote a lot of text message about what I was beautiful. I thought he was caring, smart and wonderful," says the girl.But when it came to bed, Elizabeth realized that he's not such a wonderful and caring: "He likes sex, but after a few minutes he completely exhaled. And when he had finished, always shouting as if something terrible has happened".After that David never took Elizabeth. Instead, it is two to three times a week would come to his house. "I thought I was his girlfriend. I was in love. He wanted sex but it only lasted so long. And then he naked danced in the bedroom. He tried to look sexy, but really look stupid," says Osowa. "He had other oddities, for example, he liked to look at himself in the mirror during sex. He was excited," she adds.But Elizabeth did everything to please David even came to his home in coats, worn directly on lingerie: "He loved it when I dressed up for him and posed naked or in underwear. He loved when I undressed in front of him, and take pictures of me".But the desire of David to keep their relationship secret disturbed Elizabeth: "One morning he said that outside journalists, and he doesn't like it. He made me get out through the back door and said he doesn't want us seen together. He apologized to me, but I felt awful.".

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