Britney Spears married a journalist

Britney Spears married a journalistWhen last month, Britney Spears and Adnan Galib went to Mexico , it was not only about the rest. American journal Star reports that during the short journey scandalous singer and paparazzi symbolically married.An informed source told Star: "When Britney first left the clinic, Adnan persuaded her to go to Mexico to get married, saying that the only way he can protect her. However, the paparazzi forgot to mention that he was officially married to his second wife - Azlynn berry, with which, however, never lived more than a year.Because marriage in Mexico is not legally binding, Adnan now promises to Britney that they get married again, when he finally divorced. Britney even allegedly gave money to speed up the process.Halib and Spears is vacationing in Mexico at the Rosarito Beach hotel close to the US border. In their own words, they "happily spent time together: rested, ate, slept, went shopping and talked about life and love to their families". Source: Britney Spears married a journalist.

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