Sting steals the subjects for their songs

Sting steals the subjects for their songs Last Friday, Roy Smith filed a lawsuit in the court, which accuses sting of stealing the plot of the songs. Resident of the American city of Reno argues that the history of his life formed the basis of the sting hits. The plaintiff wants to receive royalties.Stars are often served in court, so such accusations are difficult to impress anyone. But this story has an interesting feature - it is to have a distinct personal character. Roy Smith claims he met sting in the distant seventies - then the young vocalist has toured extensively across the United States and even drove into the tiny town of Reno. Smith met sting in a bar, where they drank and openly talked.The song "Roxxane" and "Message in the bottle" became the quintessence of this conversation. The first is sung ex-girlfriend of Roy, who became a prostitute. And the second talks about how Smith has thrown into the sea a bottle, hoping that the mother will receive his cry for help.Police Smith denied - expired Statute of limitations. But was advised to apply to the civil court. The lawyer of the singer on charges seriously responds: "Roy Smith may say that he met the Easter Bunny in 1977, but this does not mean that the way it was," said human rights activist in an interview with the Reno Gazette-journal.Recall that English rock musician sting is a composer and performer in one person. He writes his own songs, and delivers the hits of many stars. Songs sting are famous not only beautiful music, but also an extraordinary story texts. Source: sting steals the subjects for their songs (photos).

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