Dana Borisova made a gorgeous gift to her daughter

Dana Borisova made a gorgeous gift to her daughterThe daughter of a famous TV presenter Dana Borisova recently turned six months. In honor of the momentous date of the parents gave the girl a gorgeous gift.Little Pauline received a gift of a spacious bed. According to Dana, the gift to the girl simply necessary, because very soon she starts to stand, to walk. In short, actively growing child in the cradle to sleep is not stuck.Cot for baby cost the mother in a rather big amount to twenty - two thousand rubles. But otherwise Given my daughter tries not to spoil, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets."As for the outfits, while I'm not concerned, mainly clothes are my husband's parents," said the TV presenter. - And I try to vary her diet. Читать полностью -->

Jack Nicholson knows how to attract girls on the beach

Jack Nicholson knows how to attract girls on the beach Jack Nicholson is not shy nor its 70 years, no gray hairs, no tummy. All this does not prevent him from being a ladies ' man.Famous Hollywood actor now resting on one of American resorts, says the London Daily Mail. Swim and sunbathe in the company of young fans in bikini clearly gives him pleasure.The newspaper notes that Nicholson has been recognized as a partier and a Heartbreaker, he believes that man cannot be "too old" but admits that it is now "not as wild as before." Source: Jack Nicholson knows how to attract girls on the beach (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

25 most popular women in the Russian show business

25 most popular women in the Russian show businessThe names of the stars included in the ranking of the most-most of the fairer sex, are kept secret. But it is already known that among them, Masha Rasputina, Zhanna Friske and Kristina Orbakaite. In the list didn't get Anzhelika Varum, Alex and Kseniya Novikova.Ex-"brilliant" Novikova not upset:- I don't care, I got into some kind of rating or missed. Can't even tell that I'm hurt. I'm more confident.The rating beauties amounted to the First channel, for several months interviewing online audience. The list will be announced in the documentary "25 beauties show business" on Saturday. Читать полностью -->

In Ekaterinburg there will be a street Yeltsin

In Ekaterinburg there will be a street YeltsinStreet in Yekaterinburg, where he lived, Boris Yeltsin, will be renamed in his honor. This decision has been made in the administration Sverdlovskiy area and is timed to the anniversary of the death of the first President of RussiaAs informs Agency Interfax, street 9-go January in the capital of the Urals in the near future will be named Yeltsin. "The issue of the renaming of the street decided. This, including the desire of the family, because Boris Nikolayevich had once lived on this street," said on Thursday at a press conference the head of administration of the Governor of the region Alexander Levin.The mayor of Ekaterinburg Arcady Chernetsky will sign the corresponding decree of April 21 to April 23, the anniversary of the death of Boris Yeltsin, the street was renamed.To this sad event are prepared and in the Ural state technical University (UGTU-UPI), where he studied first Russian President. This institution will also be given the name of Boris Yeltsin."The government of Sverdlovsk region approved the decision. Documents went to the Federal center. Читать полностью -->

Best film of the year, the British considered `the Bourne Ultimatum`

Best film of the year, the British considered `the Bourne Ultimatum`The third part of the spy Saga "the Bourne Ultimatum", which has three Oscars and two British Academy awards, received the most votes of British, picks the best film of the year.The voting took place online from 31 January to 15 February and was started by the organization (Cinema Days), responsible for the acting career of Richard Attenborough. The audience could choose from 30 tapes, which included "the Old place", "Life in pink", "the Lives of others" and "Atonement" (which has collected four awards Attenborough presented the regional press in Britain). Source: Best film of the year, the British considered "the Bourne Ultimatum"". . . . Читать полностью -->

Unknown threaten the children of Pete and Jolie

Unknown threaten the children of Pete and JolieAngelina Jolie and brad pitt stepped up the security at home after their daughter, Shiloh Nouvelle fell under the scope of the kidnappers, reports the Daily Mail.The door belonging to one of a pair of houses was abandoned by the referee in photographic form 20-month-old baby and a note saying, "We're close".An informed source says: "They're excited. Shiloh guarded around the clock, and brad and Angie are trying not to display her out of the house. Someone got to their doorstep and left a threat to Shiloh". The message was left in early January, the source said.Shiloh, the only daughter of 44-year-old pitt and 32-year-old Jolie, who is now rumored, pregnant again, was not seen in public since January 4, says the magazine Life&Style.The source adds, "brad and Angie will do whatever it takes to protect their children. In relation to the kids often received threats, but this time they came too close. They, of course, more than any other celebrities think about security," reports ФактNews.The house of pitt and Jolie in California has an impressive security system It includes the control room at a cost of about 250 thousand dollars, which employs at least four people. Читать полностью -->

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